West Bay Rotary's annual Duck Derby sold more than 2,900 tickets and was the fastest race in the Derby's history!

Every year around Earth Day, West Bay Rotary hosts an ewaste, recycling and shredding event. Find out more

This is North Atlantic Painting Co.'s sixth year at the 2017 Business and Community Expo at the Samoset Resort in Rockport on April 12, 2017.

Nat Lawson, part of Outbound Exchange (sponsored by Rotary International for students ages 12 to 18) is a teenage mentalist from Camden who is spending the school year of 2016-17 in Argentina.

In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a rule for home improvement contractors and maintenance professionals who renovate or repair pre-1978 housing, child care facilities or schools. The rule required that by April, 2010, contractors and maintenance professionals be certified, that their employees be trained, and that they follow protective lead-safe work practice standards.

When no one was looking, North Atlantic Painting came equipped with paint and brushes after Christmas and completely transformed their new Welcome Center

Did you know Maine law requires a contract for any home construction and home improvement projects over $3,000?

More than $7,000 was raised from the West Bay Rotary Chili Challenge to benefit the community.

It's in your best interest to check if your paint company has an up-to-date general liability and worker's compensation policy before you hire them.

This year, West Bay Rotary is hosting their annual Chili Challenge during the US National Toboggan Championships at the Sea Dog Brewing Co. in Camden on February 11, 2017

NAPC's new special offer for small projects helps you knock your to-do list down for a fraction of the cost.

How repainting your kitchen cabinetry or bookshelves can be the most valuable upgrade you make to your home without a huge financial investment.

North Atlantic Painting's new website, new features, specials and expansion to Florida.

Camden Herald awards North Atlantic Painting the number one spot in the "Best of The Best" awards. Watch our video!

North Atlantic Painting has been involved with numerous fundraisers in 2016 to help the people in our community. And we're looking forward to doing more in 2017!

West Bay Rotary President Peter Berke said: "This time of the year, being involved with Rotary, it kind of brings it all home for us with the proceeds from tree, wreath and holiday card sales all going back to the nonprofits in our community."

Every year, we support the West Bay Rotary Club in their annual Duck Derby fundraiser and this year we broke the record!

Here at North Atlantic Painting, we've seen enough "common" mistakes when taking on a painting project that we'd like to share our expert insights with you. Here are the three biggest mistakes you want to take care to avoid.

With only a limited time in summer to enjoy the days, it's a good idea to defer your house painting project to the cooler days of fall or winter (especially when crews aren't so busy.)

May Is National Home Improvement Month and right now, everyone is thinking about improvements to their house, lawn or garden.

On a bright blue May morning in Maine, a stirring could be felt in the air… Mild mannered Peter Berke heard a distress call. He knew what he had to do.

Patty Berke spends her waking hours (and no doubt her sleeping ones) thinking about the dance of colors, how they blend and create spatial dimensions, how they soothe and invigorate, and how people respond individually to different hues.

That ugly old 1970s look of kitchen cabinetry—we've all seen it. Dark varnished oak with heavy inlay and unattractive hinges and knobs. When you walk into your kitchen, do you feel dingy, dark cabinetry affecting your mood?

The Annual Meeting of West Bay Rotary Club was held Monday, June 30, 2014 at the Samoset Resort in Rockport.